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What does ADA Mean?
The American Disabilities Act (ADA) ensures that business and public entities provide access and accommodation for individuals with a range of disabilities. This is why every establishment you visit has handicap parking, wheelchair ramps and bathrooms that accommodate individuals with disabilities. 

In 2010, the law was changed to include websites as well since they were classified as a "place of public accommodation." However, according to the current laws you may be wondering if your website needs to be ADA compliant. The answer is YES!
Why do I need to make my website ADA compliant?
Well the easiest answer is to avoid a lawsuit. Every week we get a few calls from small business owners saying they received a letter in the mail from someone threatening legal action if they didn't fix their website. 

Do some businesses give in and pay the legal dispute? Of course! Some businesses don't want to update their website because they think it's going to cost thousands to do so. That is where they are wrong! We can quickly and easily fix a non-compliant website and get it to where it is compliant. In most cases while we are tackling the ADA compliance we also giving the website a new fresh look. 
How will you make my website compliant? 
First, we install an ADA compliant software on the website that provides features for individuals with disabilities. We also make sure all images are properly tagged so when someone is using a screen reader they understand where on the page the content is located and what actions they can take next. 
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