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How to Setup & Edit WIX SEO for Google

Many times when we say SEO Marketing to someone, they don't have a clue of what we are talking about.

So what exactly is SEO?

Well SEO is, Search Engine Optimization. Put simply, it's the set of actions you can take to help your website rank higher, not only on Google but other search engines as well.

To be relevant in today's market, you've got to have an online presence. While creating a website is the first step, making sure that your site shows up on Google can boost your business in a major way. That is what SEO is all about. The bottom line is: if you want new customers or readers to find your stunning website, you're going to have to invest some time in SEO.

Don't worry, we are here to help guide you through the setup process so you can continually improve your ranking.

How to Setup & Edit WIX SEO for Google

So why does SEO matter?

Well without SEO your website is just a website. It might have great content, but how does the average Joe find you online?

This is where SEO comes into play. It's important to make sure your website not only has great content, but key search terms that people would use to find your website online. The better the search terms the more likely you are to get clicks (which equal customers).

Take for instance a local plumber, their search terms might be:

  • Plumber

  • Plumber Near Me

  • Plumber [City, Town, State]

  • Toilet Repair, Sink Repair, etc.

  • The list goes on and on...

As time moves on you will build a reputation on Google and eventually you will be ranking on the 1st page but it's important to remember these things do not happen overnight.


How do I setup WIX SEO?

Today we are going to show you how you can setup and edit your WIX SEO.

Step #1: Dashboard

When you login to WIX, this is where you can access all your settings for your website. Today we will just be clicking on "Marketing & SEO" on the left hand side.

WIX Dashboard

Step #2: Marketing Home

Now that we are in Marketing & SEO, click on the link that says "Get Found on Google".


Step #3: Get Found on Google

All of our websites are setup with SEO upon launch, so you will see something similar to the below image. But a lot of times we get asked "how can I change my keywords" or "how can I optimize my page for search engines". In our next step below we will discuss that further.

Get Found on Google

Step #4: Changing Keywords

From time to time you may want to try out new keywords and/or analyze your current keywords to get fresh suggestions. Some keywords might be doing great while others might not really fit your business or may just be a bad fit for your site. Even at GSB Web Design we change our keywords from time to time. If your business name or location has changed you will also want to update it on this page as well. Remember to hit "Save" or else your changes will not take effect.

Changing Keywords WIX

Step #5: Optimize Your Site

Now that we are all set with our keywords there may be some tasks that need to be completed under "Optimize your site pages for search engines". You will see from the photo below we have 106/116 tasks completed. That means we still have some work to do on our new website to make it fully optimized. Go through the list and make the necessary changes. If you get lost anywhere, contact GSB Web Design and we can help you optimize your website.

Optimize Your SEO

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