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Vingate Jewelry Co.



Vintage Jewelry Co. reached out to us for a new website for their online jewelry store. Due to Hurricane Ira their Houma location has been temporarily closed and they are currently running their business solely online, so having an easy to use store was a must.. 

The store needed to have multiple categories which would allow the customer to easily browse the website without having to look at every item in stock. By using WIX Stores we setup individual categories and then connected those categories to individual pages where Vintage Jewelry Co., would then add their respective products. This site has over 25 pages and includes the WIX Blog, WIX FAQ's and WIX's Content Manager.

Click play below to see an overview of the site as it was originally created. 

Rather visit their website?

Client Testimonial
5 Stars

"Love the website! Thank you Nick it really looks better than I anticipated. I know a lot of WIX sites have that WIX look to them but you made it very similar to my example site and I couldn't be happier." 


Megan Monagon

Vintage Jewelry Co.

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